Endless Grief

by Skuz

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SKUZ - Recorded and mixed by James at Guerrilla Recording in Montclair, NJ!

On this album:
Trevor Pason - Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Josh Walton - Drums /Vocals

Artwork by Sara Maddog Sotaa
Lyrics by Trevor

Skuz is

Trevor Pason - Guitar/Vocals
Connor Flemming - Guitar
Trevor Graham -Bass/Vocals
Josh Walton - Drums/Vocals


released October 17, 2016



all rights reserved


SKUZ Montclair, New Jersey

Trevor Pason- Guitar and Vocals

Connor Fleming- Guitar

Trevor Graham- Bass/Vocals

Josh Walton-
Drums and Vocals

NJGC that will destroy your ears and marriage
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Track Name: Chasm of Misery
Ultimately becoming devoted to despair
Into the abyss, the chasm of misery

I Become
a looming specter roaming in a
mournful existence
Lifeless and numb this is true

A dark descent into the Earth
into my abysmal grave
Lay down these aching bones
Track Name: Isolator
You are and always will be an abomination
Hidden in layers of self made filth
The cruelty of existence chains you to your tomb
Decaying fantasies, you become lifeless


As the grains of sand drop you will cope with dying alone
The morbid reality sets in as you slowly rot
Track Name: Coffin Mincer
Dig into dirt and break away the clay
Crack open the casket, lifeless you lay
Peacefully resting, away from a life once despised
Peeling back the decayed skin, pressing in the sockets

Buried in a sea of fog
The remains of the dead I rob
Mummified, a mangled corpse
Beneath the Earth

I am the exhumer
Through the dead of night I stalk
Desecrating the grounds I walk

Grime coating my hands and face
I can feel my pupils dilate

A life lived, a life missed
Now is reduced to shit
The decaying flesh rattles in the skull
Grave disrespected, a corpse minced
Track Name: Hateflower
I thrive off your spite
I live to be what you hate
Eating you on the inside
Misery, my motivation

Always bitter, always cold
It wasn’t always this way, truth be told
When you sink down to your lowest point
Death seems like the only choice

Appreciating the
apathetic aesthetic
Sliced up arms and
sliced up wrists
Blossoming hatred
In anxiety's grips
Failure to cope
Death is true independence
Track Name: Skullkrusher
Harboring total human hatred
Inhuman strength and appearance
Vengefully sadistically inflicting
Rituals of ultimate savagery

The hideous sight of mutilation
The pungent scent of defecation

Desecrated and brutalized
Peer into its lifeless eyes

You'll die in fear, your skull is crushed
Track Name: Throne of Entrails
Pompous pricks upon thrones of entrails
the innards of every achievement before them
Bringing false unity and bringing false hope
My tolerance is at the end of its rope

Fascist fashionistas
Try hard punks
Scum of the earth

Built from guts and sewn with pain
Appropriated for your own personal fame
Ripping flesh, brutal vivisection
A cavernous hole, a gaping wound

Your reign ends, you are dethroned

Throne of entrails
Track Name: Decades of Grief
The resurrection of what should have been left dead
The rebirth of thoughts from deep within your head
The numbness of depression slowly makes its way
Drowning in a sea of despair

My mind slowly deteriorates
As time slowly fades
Days turn to months to years
Decades of fucking grief

Circling thoughts of suicide loom in my head
Fantasizing the black void that is being dead
To time and to death I am a slave soon to become
a feast to the maggots and worm ridden in my grave

Decades of Grief
Endless grief